Family Entertainment Centers (FEC)

We were born as FEC’s operators so we understand perfectly your needs and how to satisfy them. Upgrade your actual coin operation or adding a smart kiosk may be difficult decisions. Thats why we are here to offer a solution thats its easy to install, operate and with no montlhy fee. We know that there is a lot of hidden costs in this market so we offer a transparent solution.

All that you need

Magnetic cash's software

Magnetic Cash’s software is a complete integrated solution that enables FEC’s and small arcades operators to achieve increased operational efficiency while reducing costs.

Card and Wristband's Readers

The soul of all FECs and the connection between your visitor and games. They have to be attractive, brilliant and, above all, reliable. That is why we develop three options depending on your needs.

Redemption control

Add redemption games in your FEC but most important add a system to can manage and control the stock and the information. Analize the information and see wich prizes are the stars.

Game cards and wristbands

They are not just plastic cards or bracelets to replace the tokens, but they help you to continue building your brand. Put your brand image on their hands or wrists.

Smart kiosk

With our fully automatic kiosks the customers can buy their own cards and select from a variaty of promotions that you can add on. It is capable of perform all the functions of a human cashier.

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