Magnetic cash software

Friendly Operation

Only in a few hours you and your staff can learn how to use it. Nobody needs prior knowledge to maximize your system, just use it and grow.

Easy for your customers

Easy and intuitive to use for your to access to attractions, check balance and exchange prizes. If you want to change your actual software this is your best choice.

Easy Installation / Wireless

Dont waste money. Self-installable software, wireless modular hardware and based on a normally PC or Netbook.(without server). Flexible. Small and large FECs.

Easy Reports

We are integrated with Vizable. it is very simple to see all the information about you FEC remotly from enywhere, anytime.

More profits

Price Managment

Set regular prices or differential prices for VIP clients. add promotions for different schedules or machines. get the most out of your machines.

Partys and Promotions

Excellent marketing tools, encourage customers to spend more and increase your profits.

Create different packages according to the profile of your customers and sell them in advance.

Customer Loyalty

Load credit on your cards and have the electronic tickets stored in it. The card system will not only make your work easier, but you will also create customer loyalty thanks to stylish cards.


Complete and remote information

Introducing integration with Vizable*, a free app that turns your data into beautiful, interactive graphs.

  • Explore data on the go
  • Spot trends over time
  • Understand relationships
  • Swipe to filter
  • Share your insights
  • Share your insights

Redemtion Control

Manage paper tickets, electronic or both at the same time. Have easy control of your inventory and get valuable statistical information about of prizes. You have all the information that you need in your hand to make good decitions at the time of buying prizes.

Control of Employees

Have always an accountable user for each transaction. You have all the information to know if something strange is happening in your FEC. Do not let people take adventage.


integration Magnetic cash

If you currently have magnetic cash system and want to sell food in your FEC, you just have to add the foodcourt POS and that’s it.


With the touch screen it is very easy to select products. You can also customize the screen to suit your needs.

Allowed all payments methods

it can be connected with all payment methods and of course with the magnetic cash card system.

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