Hardware and more

Magnetic Cash Readers

We have avabilable three types of controllers for your machines.

Swipe card Reader

Box fully illuminated by LEDs. It is the first step in changing your current token system. Visitors can see the price of the game and the tickets they won. You can also add advertising to it.

Tap to play reader

With the incorporation of NFC technology customers can rest their card on the reader and automatically enable the game. It is Very fast and intuitive.

Swipe or tap to play reader

The best option for undecided people. Have both options at hand and place it in different types of games. And with gully illuminated by LEDs too.

Smart Kiosk

With our fully automatic kiosks the customers can buy their own cards and select from a variaty of promotions that you can add on. It is capable of perform all the functions of a human cashier.

  • Buy new cards and charge it money
  • Check Balances and Card History
  • Pay with cash or Credit card
  • Reload Existing cards

Game Cards

The Currency of FEC's

Magnetic cash magnetic cards are high quality and have both magnetic stripe and NFC technology. They are not only a means of payment but also generate customer loyalty.

Personalized Cards

Make your brand shine in you cards. We can personalised you cards so that the guest will want to keep.


Coin Dispenser

Switching between chip and card machines has never been easier. Superior quick access for coin replacement. It has a capacity of up to 2,500 coins. Also you can add a wallet.

  • Maintain your coin style machines
  • Fast and easy refill from the top
  • Add swipe card or tap to play controller