Food Court P.O.S

Magnetic Cash’s software is a complete integrated solution that enables FEC’s and small arcades operators to achieve increased operational efficiency while reducing costs.

With our software you will be able to offer your clients a better experience within your establishment, at the same time that you control your employees, have control of the ticket house, and create special promotions and prices. Adding magnetic cash will increase your earnings.

Integration with Magnetic cash

If you currently have magnetic cash system and want to sell food in your FEC, you just have to add the foodcourt POS and that’s it.

Allowed all payments methods

it can be connected with all payment methods and of course with the magnetic cash card system.

Customize your screen

With the touch screen it is very easy to select products. You can also customize the screen to suit your needs.

Set up products

Set up promotions for diferents kinds of products.

Kiosk Ordering

  • Kiosk Ordering
  • Recipe Building
  • Inventory Management
  • Waitlist
  • Color-coded table statuses

Recipe Building

Excellent marketing tools, encourage customers to spend more and increase your profits.

Create different packages according to the profile of your customers and sell them in advance.

Inventory Management

Set regular prices or differential prices for VIP clients. add promotions for different schedules or machines. get the most out of your machines.

Complete and remote information

Vizable app can turn your data into beautiful interactive graphs.

  • Explore data on the go
  • Spot trends over time
  • Understand relationships
  • Swipe to filter
  • Share your insights
  • Share your insights

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