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With Magnetic Cash, the control of your redemption games is much easier. You will get more control of your prize inventory and the tickets delivery of your attractions.

Prize inventory. Total control of your money in prizes.

Statistics of prizes. You will know which prizes are more requested and which would leave more profits.

Paper or electronic tickets. You choose! You can work with both.



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Prize inventory

Powerful inventory control system, with which you will control your prizes in a fast and easy way, preventing theft of your money in prizes. 

You can set minimum and maximum stock of each prize, so you will know when you should replace any of them.


Statistics of prizes

You will determine which prizes are the most requested and leave you more profits.

You will know quickly how much money on tickets has delivered each attraction.

The percentage of money on tickets handed over money raised at each attraction will be controlled at all times.

Paper or electronic tickets

Paper tickets or electronic tickets

You decide if you want to work with paper tickets, electronic tickets or both.

Some operators prefer the simplicity of electronic tickets in the card, others prefer the emotion of paper tickets. With Magnetic Cash you choose and will always have control.

Ticket eater

Ticket eater

Using paper tickets, you will easily adapt any ticket eater, in order to charge tickets in the cards of your customers, an you will have absolute control of your prize center.

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